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Last Updated: June 28, 2022

Finding the perfect new propane torch head can be tough. Today’s make public is filled with suitably many options! However, thanks to our team of experts, we come stirring with the money for only what matters most-top atmosphere images no business how huge or small the size may be.

We have compiled the summit 15 propane torch head on this list to put up to you find your absolute device. Don’t spend too much period reading just about them even if because we have already taken care of that!

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When looking for the perfect propane torch head, it’s difficult knowing which one will be best. However, we have put together our top 15 recommendations! If there is something specific in mind or just desire help deciding in the middle of styles then read upon below:

Top 15 List of Best propane torch head is unchangeable below

Finding the right propane torch head for your needs is important. To urge on you find one, we analyzed online retailers and looked at factors like ease of understanding as with ease as durability to come up with this list! The top 15 products on Amazon

We’ve consulted top experts who have in-and-out knowledge just about the propane torch head. We chose a character product, which comes in imitation of amazing features you haven’t heard of past and filtered over 100+ products to offer this list its authenticity!

BERNZOMATIC Worthington 336737 WT2301 Trigger Start Propane Torch
  • Trigger-start ignition easily ignites the flame
  • Versatile webbed flame completes a variety of household projects, including small diameter soldering, thawing, melting and heat application
  • Use only with propane fuel, such as the Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. Propane Hand Torch Cylinder
  • Angled stainless steel burn tube
  • Flame control valve easily sizes flame and extinguishes when finished
BernzOmatic Basic Use UL2317 Brass Pencil Flame Propane Torch Head
  • Manual start (light with a Bernzomatic Spark Lighter, sold separately)
  • Basic pencil flame for small diameter soldering, thawing, melting and heat application
  • Use only with propane fuel, such as the Bernzomatic 14.1 oz. Propane Hand Torch Cylinder
  • Brass construction for durability
  • Flame control valve easily sizes flame and extinguishes when finished
BLUEFIRE MRS-7014B Trigger Start Gas Welding Torch Head for Propane & MAP PRO Fuel,Extend 1.5" Burning Tube Nozzle Piezo Self Ignition Handhold Cylinder Soldering Brazing Triple-Point Flame
  • OPTIMIZE FOR PROPANE: This torch is specially designed to use on Standard Propane and MAP PRO (Propylene), if you are using Bluefire MAPP, please DO NOT choose this one, switch to the MAPP Torch Special Version listed in the same page, which is optimized for Bluefire MAPP Gas;
  • CAUTION: Tipping the gas cylinder to more than 60 degrees from its upright position may cause the torch to flare. It is recommended to start working with a disposable handheld cylinder at room temperature and to keep the torch upright as much as possible;
  • EASY & SOLID: Trigger Start Ignition for instant 1-click flame light up, upgraded version igniter for improved ignition rate, perfect work with Propane, MAPP, MAP-PRO. Adjustable flame knob for control flame size. Solid Brass constructed regulator valve for durability, threading fits CGA600 US standard fuel gas cylinder;
  • LONGER TUBE: 1.5" Extended version of Stainless steel Burner, adds more reliability and safety. Strong and Stable Triple-Point Flame Structure for precision soldering/brazing;
  • ALL-PURPOSE: Suitable for soldering copper pipes up to 3/4″, Soldering electronic circuits, Thawing frozen pipes and locks, Loosening rusted nuts and bolts. You can even use it for cooking and camping.
Propane Torch Head Metal Trigger Start Ignition, Propane Torch Adjustable Flame & High Intensity, Torch Head Fuel by MAPP MAP/PRO Propane Gas for Soldering Brazing Jewelry Cooking and Grill
  • 【Easy & fast operation】Torch head with metal trigger-start igniter easily ignites the flame and is reliable. We suggest turning on the gas regulator valve slowly, igniting at low flow, and then increasing the flow of our propane torch.
  • 【Stable performance & multipurpose】The flame control valve easily sizes flame and extinguishes when finished, propane torch head flame max up to 3600 ℉. Using the torch head upside down over 60 degrees may cause the gas to go out. Versatile swirl flame completes soldering, brazing, thawing, DIY crafts, cooking and grill, camping, heat and many household projects.
  • 【Small size】Use torch head with propane/ MAPP/ Map-pro fuel, mini size propane torch great for keep on hand and use. Propane torch head is like a universal tool to have on hand and is super easy to use for soldering. If you have to do some brass fittings for plumbing this comes in super handy.
  • 【Premium material】This torch head with metal self igniting igniter, stainless steel burn tube for withstand high temperature and long-term use. The bottom of the propane torch is brass construction for a solid and tight connection to the gas cylinder.
  • 【We are always here】We always strictly assure product quality. If you are looking for a portable torch head, choose us. We provide 30-Day full refund and 1-Year Limited Service for you.
BLUEFIRE Handy Cyclone Propane Torch Head Nozzle Trigger Start Push Button Piezo Ignition Turbo Swirl Flame Fuel by Propane MAPP MAP PRO Gas Cylinder Welding Soldering Brazing Cooking Glass Beads DIY
  • Max Temperature heat up to 2642°F (1450°C), Powerful Supper Swirl Cyclone Flame
  • Trigger Start Piezo Ignition, Anti-flaring
  • Use standard propane or MAPP or MAP/Pro gas cartridge
  • Ideal for soldering, brazing, welding, cooking, charcoal lighting, glass works and etc. All-Purpose torch for both professionals and DIYers;
  • Made in Taiwan, with the highest quality control.
BLUEFIRE Solid Brass Jumbo Pencil Flame Gas Welding Torch Head Nozzle Upgraded Full Metal Version Fuel by MAPP MAP Pro Propane CGA600 Cylinder Bottle (Torch Only)
  • Upgraded Full Metal Cover Version, change old design's plastic knob to solid brass constructed knob.
  • Our torch are made fully by Brass, not those cheaper zinc mix, Better Performance, Thicker and Heavier for durability.
  • Strong pencil flame to provide both working precision and optimized heat output, Max working temperature up to 1350℃, meets the most common needs for both professionals and DIY fans.
  • Smart sized, Easy to be used in any spaces, Manual ignition, torch run off MAPP, MAP Pro and Propane
  • With recommended BLUEFIRE MAPP or other quality welding gas, this torch can easily handle soft soldering tasks, brazing copper tubing, thawing pipes, remove paint and tiles, wood working, melting, heating, and many other home and commercial purposes.
DOMINOX Propane Torch Head Upgrade & Extend Basic Torch Nozzle Blow Torch Tip Adjustable Flame for Soldering, Welding, Brazing (Propane MAPP MAP Pro Propane CGA600 Cylinder Not Included)
  • 🔥【NOTICE】: It’s forbidden to use it upside down (It may cause unstable flame or block the propane torch with gas impurities), the maximum tilt angle of the propane gas cylinder is 60°. We suggest turning on the gas regulator valve slowly, ignite at low flow, and then increase the flow (Excessive gas flow may cause ignition failure. 1/2 turn counterclockwise to start is recommended. It may vary depending on the cylinder pressure).
  • 🔥【SIMPLE & FAST OPERATION】: Propane Torch is designed with Piezo Ignition Switch (If the ignition is not smooth, please reduce the gas with Regulator Valve and try again). Just connect to the CGA600 propane cylinder, such as Coleman fuel, propane/MAPP/MAP/MAP PRO fuel. Or connect the standard CGA600 interface hose to the propane tank. The installation steps are very simple and convenient.
  • 🔥【APPLICATIONS】: Propane Torch Head can be used with propane cylinders or tanks (NOT INCLUDED) for most projects, such as small diameter soldering, soft soldering in brazing copper tubing, heating installation, hard soldering in refrigeration installation, loosen rusty bolts, thaw frozen padlock, remove paint and tiles, plumbing, air-conditioning, automobile repair, jewelry making, DIY crafts, cooking and grill, camping and many other home and commercial purposes.
  • 🔥【ADJUSTABLE FLAME】: Propane Torch allows accurate flame adjustment after Piezo Ignition. Propane gas regulator valve can be turned on before use and can be turned off the flame after use. We suggest turning on the gas regulator valve slowly, ignite at low flow, and then increase the flow (Most of the reasons for the failure to ignite are due to the excessive flow of propane). It is highly recommended to ignite and work with propane cylinder at room temperature.
  • 🔥【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】: Propane Torch nozzle is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature. The bottom is made of 100% brass for solid and tight connection to the propane gas cylinder.
High Intensity Propane Torch Head, Trigger Start Mapp Gas Torch with Self Ignition & Brass Knob, Pencil Flame Welding Torch Fuel by MAPP, MAP/PRO and Propane gas(CSA Certified )
  • 【Easy to Use】 Trigger Start auto Ignition for instant 1-click light up or extinguish the flame, improve fuel efficiency, easy to use.
  • 【Stable Performance】Flame control knob, adjust flame size. Flame lock, no need to press the trigger. Pressure regulation allow the flame to burn in any direction, ensure stable performance.
  • 【Premium Material】Cast aluminum body construction, solid brass valve and stainless steel burner tube, for withstand high temperature and long-term use. Safer and more durable.
  • 【Multipurpose Torch】Our torch fule by Propane, MAPP, MAP-PRO cylinder with CGA600 interface. Suitable for Soldering copper pipes up to 3/4″, used in HVAC, welding, brazing, soldering, heat shrinkage, snow melting, burning steak, etc
Propane Torch Head - MAPP Gas Trigger Start Welding Torch Head lighter w/ Pizeo Self Ignition Adjustable Flame Knob Continuous Flame Lock for Sous Vide Soldering Brazing Wood Burning to Start a Fire
  • [ FAST TRIGGER START & CONTINUOUS FLAME ] - Instant on/off piezo ignition easily ignites & extinguishes flame with simple one-handed operation. Designed with a ignition button lock, there is no need to keep pressing the trigger. Fast start a fire for campfire, barbecue party, etc. What's more, this safety lock can also prevent accidental ignition. The torch head for propane tank is also anti-flare reliability even when inverted.
  • [ FAST & EFFICIENTLY WORK with HIGH TEMPERATURE TORCH ] - Ultra swirl flame makes higher temperature, burns hot & efficiently for maximum heat output & fast soldering times. This high temperature & stable flame propane torch head is ideal for soldering, brazing, heat treating and light welding.
  • [ ADJUSTABLE FLAME FOR DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS ] - Not only for soldering, but also for Sous Vide, Creme Brulee, Baking which needed a smaller flame. Adjustable flame control knob for ease in switching between different applications. One trigger start torch is enough.
  • [ BUILT TO LAST ] - Cast aluminum body, solid brass flame burner tip & stainless steel burner tube construction makes the map gas torch head to withstand high temperature, provide maximum durability & safety.
  • [ UNIVERSAL CGA600 TORCH HEAD ] - This heavy-duty, high-intensity, self-igniting torch head is designed with a CGA600 connector which can be used with propane or MAPP gas(MAP-PLUS gas).
YOUDO Propane Torch - High Intensity Trigger Start Propane Torch Head with Self Ignition, Flame Control, Flame Locking, Fuel by MAPP, MAP/PRO and Propane gas for Soldering Brazing Welding
  • 【SAFETY & DURABLE 】: The propane torch head with joint of the gas cylinder is made of full brass and tight connection to the propane gas cylinder. The auto pressure regulated of propane torch for consistent performance when tilted or momentarily inverted. And the propane torch head is equipped with non-slip and ergonomics handle, you keep working for a long time without tired. (CSA Certified)
  • 【SIMPLE OPERATION】: Propane Torch is equiped with instant On/Off trigger ignitor that simpe one-handed operation. In addition, using this propane torch is too easy, but you must pay attention to the environment to prevent accidents. ( First you should assmelbing the gas cartridge on torch.. Then turn the knob to ON and push down the knob to lighing the flame. Finally when you work done, push the knob to stop the gas and turn the knob to OFF)
  • 【FLAME CONTROL】: The propane torch with flame control knob helps you easily adjustment size of the flame, and the flame can be 11 inch. We suggest that you turn on the knob slowly, ignite at low flow, and then increase the flow.appy feature of propane torch is.
  • 【LOCKING FLAME】: The propane torch with lock button allows you keep torch lit for finger-free use. You just push down the lock button and the ignition knob will be locked after lighting the torch. When you work such as soldering, brazing copper tubing, you will feel how happy feature of propane torch is.
  • 【24-Month Quality Warranty】 If you encounter any problems about this propane torch that cannot be solved, please send YOUDO support team a message at any time. Professional team will provide you with a perfect solution within 24 hours.
Bernzomatic, TS4000T, Torch, Brazing
  • Welding & Soldering Equipment & Supplies
  • Made In America
  • Commercial Brand: Bernzomatic
Wadoy Trigger Start Propane Torch Head Hand Held Compatible with MAPP for Brazing, Welding, BBQ - Electric Start Propane Torch 27,087 BTU
  • ▶ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use, reflect the humanized design, convenient and good grip. Push-button electric starter, built-in thumb wheel can easily adjust the valve to change the fl-ame.
  • ▶SPECIFICATION: Heat output: Max. 3200℉(1760℃), Output Rate: 27,087 BTU/hr. Can be directly connected to standard 1 lb propane cylinders or US standard CGA 600 cylinders.
  • ▶EASY TO USE: With electronic ign-ition function. After the handle is connected to your gas tank, turn the output knob and press the button to quickly light up. Rotate the knob to adjust the fla-me size.
  • ▶DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Pure copper valve, plastic parts are made of high temperature resistant nylon plastic material, solid and reliable.
  • ▶MULTI PURPORSE: It is widely used for HVAC, baking, searing steak, heating, welding, brazing, heat treatment etc. From automotive projects, to plumbing, to anything else that just needs a lot of heat, this thing does the job!
High Intensity Propane Torch Head for MAP Pro MAPP Propane Tank Portable Trigger Start Soldering Torch for Gas Welding Stripping Paint Searing Steak
  • 👨‍🏭【High Intensity Swirl Flame】The propane torch provides high temperature blue flame with propane fuel (flame burns at 3600F) or MAPP Gas (flame burns at 3730F), output maximum focused heat for large diameter brazing, welding, and soldering projects
  • 👨‍🏭【Save Gas and Labor with Instant on Trigger Start】 Easier pulling trigger for ignition and releasing to turn off, saving fuels when intermittent use; regulator Valve for consistent flame when tilted and keep the light on for free fingers, also prevent accidental ignition
  • 👨‍🏭【Easily Tailor Flame for Different Applications】Heavy duty adjustable brass knob makes it easy to size the flame for different applications, prevent getting burnt by strong flame
  • 👨‍🏭【200000 Ignitions Tested Heavy Duty Built Housing】Cast aluminum handle making for a comfortable grip and long lasting use
  • 👨‍🏭【Multiple Purporse】This torch tip is perfect for soldering copper pipes up to 3/4″, brazing, heat treating, loosening bolts, light welding, stripping paint, sous vide Cooking, searing steak etc.
Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch
  • TRIGGER START - Trigger start torch for ease of lighting, instant on/off trigger increases fuel savings.
  • DURABLE - Stainless steel burn tube, cast aluminum body, brass burn tip.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Pressure regulation allows the flame to burn in any direction and ensures consistent performance.
  • SWIRL FLAME - This head produces a swirl flame and burns propane or mapp gas.
Propane Torch Kit with Hose 3.6Ft, Mapp/Map Gas Torch Trigger Start, Adjustable Flame Knob Near Torch Head Stainless Steel, Gift for Soldering Brazing Plumber DIYer-with Hook
  • 【Stable Performance】Flow control knob near the handle to adjust the gas of the propane torch kit.Metal pressure regulation allow the flame to burn in any direction, ensure stable performance.
  • 【Easy to Use】Trigger start auto Igniter for instant 1-click.3.6Ft torch hose comes with a cylinder hook, you can hold the torch head in tight places for a long time.
  • 【First Choice for Plumbers&DIYer】Our propane torch fule by Propane, MAPP, MAP-PRO cylinder with CGA600 interface.A multi-purpose map gas torch for large diameter soldering pipe,HVAC, welding, brazing, soldering, heat shrinkage, snow melting, burning steak, etc
  • 【Premium Material】 High intensity swirl flame,temperature up to 3600℉.Solid brass valve and stainless steel burner tube of torch head, for long-term use.
  • 【We are always here】If you are looking for a propane torch kit,choose us.30-Day full refund and 1-Year Limited Service for you.

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